Alpha S3Vx Detacher

Your key to a security advantage

Alpha Solutions offer the best protection against loss for your high-theft merchandise, requiring our robust and strong detachers and keys to release the products.

For a select range of our solutions, we have increased the level of strength and verification needed to offer enhanced in-store security when it's needed. The S3Vx Detacher combines technology with extra-strength security.

  • S3Vx devices will alarm unless disarmed and opened by the S3Vx Detacher that has the same unique code.

  • If stolen, the S3Vx verification code will be erased automatically to prevent use anywhere else.

  • A stolen S3Vx Detacher used to open an S3Vx device in another store will result in an alarm.

Security coded in

With the new S3Vx Detacher, the “x” stands for an extra-strength magnet that gives it greater mechanical integrity. They also have the ability to be programmed with a unique, store-specific code. That’s where the “v” comes in – the advanced encryption technology means the S3Vx Detacher sends the “verification” code to the S3Vx device to disarm the alarm, during which time the device can then be opened with the extra-strength S3x magnet.

If the device is opened without first being disarmed by the verification code, the device will alarm for five minutes or until it receives a valid verification code.