Point of Exit RFID Solutions

Utilising RFID as EAS

Loss prevention is an essential part of a retail environment, using RFID as loss prevention provides extra visibility to help retailers strengthen their loss prevention efforts.

  • Ideal for use in wider store entrances with increased detection range

  • Greater options for merchandizing around the store entrance with intelligent detection

  • Providing data and analytics as well as loss prevention capabilities

  • Fewer false alarms with intelligent detection of RFID tags and labels

Extra visibility where you need it

Providing insights into loss prevention events at an item level allows retailers to make smarter decisions in-store. Understanding sooner what went missing, when and from where within your store gives you a greater powers to combat theft and reduce shrink.

Our solutions are built using our cutting-edge Wirama technology to provide the visibility and security you need to protect your stores.

Protection from the experts

Retailers are looking to adopt RFID as EAS and get even further benefits from RFID technology in their stores. From tags and labels through to point of exit solutions, you can trust our decades of experience and innovation in loss prevention technologies.

Solutions are available to suit a wide range of stores and industries with many different use cases to suit your needs and objectives.