Deter, Detect, Displace.

Elegance meets performance in the EVOLVE G10. Excellent detection and connectivity as you would expect with our EVOLVE antennas, with stylish crystal-clear acrylic design.

  • Integrated LEDs in a choice of red, blue or green

  • Upgradable to RFID detection

  • Jammer detection alerts store to the use of EAS Jammers

  • Design allows for tagged merchandise displays closer to antennas

Enhance detection
up to 2 metres

acrylic finish

Remote connectivity
ensuring optimum performance

Clean yet robust design
to fit your aesthetic



1.65m x 0.50m x 0.11m (5’41” x 1’7” x 0’4”)

EVOLVE G10: 2.1m (6,10')

Maximum distance between 2 antenna

Radio Frequency (RF) 7.6 to 8.7MHz and RFID upgradable
Clear PlexiGlass Antenna Body

Grey Antenna Base


  • Highly stable detection

  • Clear PlexiGlass allows for laser etching with your logo

  • Remote Service capable

  • Colour LED options for alarms and ambient lighting

  • Real-time monitoring via Connected Solutions

Antenna Accessories & Add-ons

Effortless class. Optimum performance

G10 has been designed with high-end retailers in mind, such as apparel, accessory boutiques, perfumery and health and beauty stores or where aesthetics are paramount, but space is at a premium.

Offering the ability to integrate visitor counting and with dual color LED, the G10 offers best-in-class, high performance and reliability, in a sleek and attractive design.

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