The festive period poses a unique challenge to retailers regarding shrinkage, thanks to a busier retail environment, larger volume of high-price items on shelf, and the increased demands of consumers, all increasing the likelihood of theft. This ‘perfect storm’ of factors, against the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis means retailers are already experiencing hefty rises in shoplifting and experts predict this will only worsen as we edge closer to the big day.

A large menu for shoplifters

Of course, certain products tend to be more susceptible to theft due to their desirability and market value. So, what are the in-demand products that should be individually secured this season?[1] [2] [3]

  • Meat: the main course for the majority of the global population. Items such as steak, lamb, and bacon are all regularly shoplifted from supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • Alcohol: a popular Christmas gift, the rise of artisanal and luxury blends has led to increased theft of this item.
  • Cheese: one of the most stolen items across Europe, cheese is a major target for shoplifters as they seek expensive, specialist flavors, like parmesan.


Clothing, cosmetics, and electronic devices

Alongside festive food, also at risk of theft are the gifts on Christmas wish lists. Electronics, technology, cosmetics, clothing accessories, and more, mainly those located in the supermarket aisles, are particularly vulnerable to theft at this time, especially if they lack the appropriate security and theft prevention technology.

  • Electronics and technology: specifically, items such as electric toothbrushes, smart speakers, tablets, headphones, shavers and USB sticks have all seen an increase in theft. Smartphones are less likely to be stolen due to their robust security, as they are considerably more expensive.
  • Cosmetics: beauty cosmetics, especially, are frequently stolen due to their packaging being small, with thieves placing them in their pockets or bags easily.
  • Clothing accessories: these include scarves, handbags, purses, and gloves – all items that can be easily concealed.
  • General clothing: a wardrobe staple, jeans are often stolen in batches, making them easier to sell on. Another sartorial choice popular among thieves are baby clothes; considering babies quickly grow out of their clothes, criminals see a potential market for second-hand items.

Discreet, customisable security solutions

By recognizing the importance of identifying the most desired products, retailers can take proactive measures to fortify their inventory and loss prevention tactics. Checkpoint Systems’ Alpha High Theft Solutions provide a flexible range of products crafted to safeguard high-value, high-theft items while ensuring a seamless, and most importantly, enjoyable customer experience. The Alpha range is not just about theft prevention; it's an integration of safety and discreet design. The solutions have proven success in achieving a remarkable sales recovery without compromising the interactive and engaging shopping experience.

The Alpha range is technology agnostic, meaning each device is designed to complement any type of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system. The products available for retailers are:

  • Spider® security devices: a flexible solution for six-sided packages, this product is able to protect a wide range of medium to large sized merchandise.
  • Bottle Caps: the bottle cap portfolio has been designed to bring security and ease of use to the forefront for nearly every size bottle, without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Keepers®: built to maintain packaging integrity, this reusable product is easy for employees to use and open in-store.
  • CableLok® security devices: this flexible yet secure option provides discretion while allowing for an open display, giving maximum protection and minimal loss.
  • Hard Tags: available in 1, 2 and 3 Alarm models, the Hard Tags provide unlimited options to protect high-end merchandise securely and with versatility.
  • Shelf Solutions: designed to maximize shelf capacity and minimize shrinkage, the Alpha Shelf Solutions can increase shelf selling space between 20-30%.
  • Keys & Detachers: ergonomic and easy to use, the keys & detachers security solution comes with a unique serial number on each tool, for ownership identification.



During the festive period, investing in advanced security solutions is not just a choice, but a necessity. Checkpoint Systems offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to fortify and optimize retail spaces while ensuring the customer experience is not compromised. For more information on Checkpoint Systems and its range of products available to secure shelves this festive season, visit here .