From product protection to planogram perfection

ShrinkShelf™, is a revolutionary shelf management system that enhances product presentation while reducing theft through anti-sweep technology. Maximize shelf capacity and minimize shrinkage for a seamless shopping experience.

Why using ShrinkShelf™

Increases shelf selling space
by 20-30%

Flexibility allowing for a broad
range of products

Reducing out of stocks

Management of replenishment
program expiry dates

Easy to install, use and employee
friendly system

Reduction in Shrinkage


Selling more and losing less

This cutting-edge shelf management system helps deter theft, ensure stock availability, and present a neat and tidy product appearance to customers. This way, ShrinkShelf captures customer attention and encourages impulse purchases by maintaining an organized and attractive display, leading to higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Elevate your retail space with ShrinkShelf for enhanced sales performance and a polished presentation.

Seamless integration with other Alpha products

ShrinkShelf is compatible with other Alpha product protection devices such as Keepers and Spiderwrap.