Supply Chain & Logistics

RFID technology revolutionizes the supply chain, logistics, and courier sector, bringing exceptional visibility, efficiency, and accuracy to inventory management and product tracking.

RFID for Supply Chain & Logistics

In the dynamic and competitive business environment, efficient inventory management and supply chain optimization have become vital to the success of any company. This is where RFID technology comes in as a powerful and revolutionary tool.

RFID technology enables the automatic tracking and identification of products and assets. Thanks to this technology, companies can enjoy unprecedented visibility of their stocks in real-time, leading to greater accuracy in inventory management and improved operational efficiency.

In this hyper-connected world, the deployment of RFID in warehousing and logistics offers significant benefits, such as reduced data entry errors, decreased inventory lead times, and the ability to track and trace products quickly and accurately.

It is time for warehousing and logistics companies to transform the way they optimize their operations.

RFID Top Solutions for Supply Chain & Logistics

Distribution Centre RFID Solutions

RFID technology enables complete transparency of your products, as they move through the supply chain. To fully harness this potential and optimize your ROI, it is crucial to select the appropriate hardware tailored to your specific needs.

Tyfung Inlay

The Tyfung Inlay is the perfect match for logistical and industrial use. It has been developed to offer the logistics industry a strong RFID label design with outstanding performance.

Innovation Hub

At Checkpoint Systems, we are committed to innovation and technology. For this reason, we have an innovation hub where we continuously develop and improve our products.

It is here that we carry out rigorous tests and evaluations to ensure the effectiveness and quality standards of our solutions.  We do not stop there. We are also prepared to meet the specific needs of our customers. If a customer has a particular requirement, we can create customized solutions.

Our Innovation Hub is the heart of product creation and adaptation, enabling us to offer cutting-edge solutions that perfectly match the needs of our customers and industry.

Success Customer Stories

JBC's RFID Implementation: Pioneering Success in Belgian Retail

JBC became an RFID technology pioneer in 2015, partnering with Checkpoint Systems to implement RFID across its supply chain. Three years later, JBC reflects on its successful implementation, prioritizing customer and staff experience. With a focus on convenience and speed at the cash register.

LPP empowers its Distribution Center with the RFID technology 

By leveraging RFID technology, we enabled LPP to optimize its supply chain processes, enhance inventory visibility, and drive operational efficiency revolutionizing their distribution center from source to store.

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