ItemOptix™ for Retail

ItemOptix™ offers the ultimate in RFID inventory management solutions, reimagined for modern retail.  We understand the importance of stock visibility, and our innovative software empowers retailers to optimise their stock as never before.

Managing inventory effectively is critical to the success of any business, especially in the competitive world of retail.

RFID technology is revolutionizing this sector, allowing retailers to improve their processes and operations throughout the
entire production and sales process.

Checkpoint knows retailers are always looking for ways to optimize stock, increase sales, and engage successfully with their customers.

ItemOptix™ can make a positive contribution, offering the ultimate RFID inventory management solution that helps retailers achieve these goals.

What is ItemOptix?

ItemOptix™, a game-changing RFID software solution that offers retailers unparalleled control and visibility over their inventory. ItemOptix™ provides retailers with the tools they need to optimize their stock levels, minimize losses, and drive
Incorporating the latest RFID technology, ItemOptix™ enables retailers to easily track inventory levels in real-time. Retailers have complete control over their inventory and can focus on enhancing customer experience and increasing engagement with their brand.

The user-friendly interface and easy deployment  of ItemOptix™ makes it a practical solution for retailers to improve their operations without disrupting their day-to-day activities. Using ItemOptix™, retailers can achieve optimum stock visibility, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive growth and help them stay ahead of the competition.

Easy to Use

ItemOptix™ provides a user-friendly Mobile App and portal reporting experience, which is designed to facilitate powerful RFID use cases whilst keeping the user focused on the task at hand. A key benefit of the platform it that it provides a set of targeted reports that give managers the necessary visibility to maintain high inventory accuracy.


Easy to Deploy

ItemOptix™ for Retail gives you greater control over your inventory and how you manage it through self-service features to support faster onboarding and ongoing system management, with the capability to integrate with the Industry-standard REST APIs.


Easy to Adapt

ItemOptix™ provides a fully extensible solution which allows you or your integration partners to adapt our RFID software to your needs. Plus, you can determine the look, customise the capabilities and/or consume what you want into your own mobile solution.

*Available for Android and iOS mobile devices making ItemOptix™ the most adaptable RFID solution available on the market.

ItemOptix™ for Retail covers every step of your product’s journey through your store, from receipt through restocking to sale.

How ItemOptix™ can improve your inventory management

ItemOptix™ for Retail can transform your operation, helping deliver a positive impact on your stores:

High Inventory Accuracy leading to increased sales in both Physical & Digital stores.

Faster Handling of Goods which increases Staff Productivity.

Quicker Discrepancy Resolution providing insights to drive down Loss.

Accelerated Stock Movement leading to improved Cash Flow.

Take your retail business to the next level with ItemOptix™

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