Bodegas Briego

Bodegas Briego

Another source tagging success story

The challenge

With the most recent Global Theft Barometer revealing that alcohol is the most stolen product in the food and beverage sector, Bodegas Briego – one of the largest wine manufacturers in Spain – set out to find a solution that would prevent theft of its Supernova wine bottles while boosting operational efficiency throughout its supply chain.

As two out of three consumers select a wine based on the appeal of its label, one of the key objectives was to ensure the addition of any new loss prevention consumables did not impede the design and branding of the bottle.


How Checkpoint Systems responded

Checkpoint worked closely with Bodegas Briego to introduce its dedicated @source anti-theft labelling programme into its operations. Applying market leading loss prevention solutions at the point manufacture is proven to increase sales through reduced shrinkage and enhanced merchandise availability. And Checkpoint’s customers have reported a reduction in loss of more that 50%, with sales increasing between 3-11%.



The results

The final working solution, currently being piloted, successfully meets the following requirements::

  1. Bodegas Briego was able to apply EAS security labels to its bottles without any impact on the production process.
  2. The company’s Supernova range now arrives at stores security protected, with an anti-theft tag that is discretely attached behind each bottle’s D. O. Ribera del Duero label.
  3. Shop employees no longer have to label the bottles manually, which reduces the time between the delivery arriving at the store and when the bottles are placed on shelves.
  4. By ensuring labelling compliance, every product can be displayed openly, with no barriers or display cases, allowing the customer to interact with the product – another key driver of sales.


Fernando Benito, Managing Director of Bodegas Briego, commented: “Checkpoint Systems went beyond fulfilling the two initial requirements that the bottle remains aesthetically intact and that the source protection does not alter its production and tagging process. We’re delighted with the results.”

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