The apparel market is a crowded place. If you’re struggling to stand out, your garments might not be the issue…

Garment labeling plays a massive part in branding and customer experience. It's the piece of marketing a customer will interact with most, on the shop floor and throughout the garment's lifetime. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most neglected aspects of garment design — a real crime when you consider just how much you can do with them!

Our clothing branding and labeling experts and creatives give six wild ways garment labels can help you differentiate yourself from other apparel brands. From design tips to ground-breaking interactive elements, we’ll show you how to make a splash!


Garment branding that leaps off the label

Daring designs

Imagine this: a striking garment hanging on a display. You lift the hanger to admire the fabric when a dull, unimaginative hang tag swings out from the fabric's depths, betraying the brand's dedication to detail. Horror unfolds.

…Okay, that might have been a bit dramatic, but you get the picture. Why settle for basic tags when you've invested so much creativity in the overall branding and garment design? By working collaboratively with experts like ours, you could achieve new heights where your labels are concerned. Don’t believe it? Check out some of our recent collaborative projects.

By using innovative materials, high contrast finishes like spot UV, or ground-breaking production methods like arty wovens, your labels can work with your garments to tantalize your customers.

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Kooky copy

Now we’re talking! Using fun label copy to communicate with customers is a great way to stand out. Not many brands do it, despite how easy it is! For example, you could surprise customers with engaging, inventive care label copy, or hide a fun message on the reverse of the branded garment tag. Some tags even go viral for it!


Creating more unique customer experiences

On the shop floor

Think your labels are only good for branding the garment and showing the size and price? Nope! You can also use them to create interactive experiences for your customers on the shop floor. Using our DUÉ Mini Labels, you can turn a standard Rain RFID tag into an NFC-enabled one, doubling your labeling investment in one fell swoop.

When your customers tap their smartphone to an NFC tag, they’ll be sent wherever you’ve encoded the chip to take them. That could be an online lookbook, catwalk footage, social media style inspiration hashtags, or augmented reality experiences. You can then use the RFID element to interact with fitting room smart mirrors, so shoppers can find their perfect size or get style inspiration without ever leaving the cubicle!

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During the buying experience

Did you know that your garment labels can actually change how your customers shop? Not only can the right labels enable frictionless checkout, but they can also help you give a stellar experience every single time.

By using technology like RFID in your labels, you’ll have better stock transparency — you’ll know exactly what you have and where, no matter where it is in the supply chain. You could instantly hook customers up with their perfect size and style! RFID is also awesome for display compliance, making it unbelievably easy to push visual merchandising boundaries and keep everything well stocked.

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Show how you’re changing retail for the better

Garment care (with flair)

Wanna be known as the brand with garments that last for years and always look immaculate? Then, it's time to turn your attention to care labels. By adding a QR code to your care label (or heat-transferred onto the fabric if you want it to be really accessible through the garment’s lifecycle), you can give detailed garment care info. Use your printed code to send customers to super detailed online care information and even video tutorials for basic at-home garment repair. And all in a care label!


Sustainability street cred

Know what modern consumers love? A sustainable brand. If you’ve got ground-breaking initiatives, policies, and practices in place, your labels can be instrumental in bringing customers on board.

Our Gemini Tags use twinned QR codes (one on the hang tag and one inside the garment via a pocket tag) to give customers detailed product information at the point of sale and up to the end of the garment's life. Not only does this help you get your ducks in a row for the upcoming Digital Product Passport rollout, but it could also be used to give more information on ongoing initiatives, like buy-back schemes and garment recycling.

The data linked via your QR codes is twinned with the information stored on the RFID inlay embedded inside the pocket tag. That means you can guarantee each garment is unique and traceable — genius, right?!


So, you see, there are tons of ways you can use garment labels to stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with our team and tell us what you have in mind. We’ve got decades of experience with labeling solutions and RFID technology, and there isn’t much we haven’t tried! Let’s cause a scene.