Retailers continue to focus on ways to enhance their customers’ in-store experience. They are investing in new technologies that can balance the demands for immersive retail that allows shoppers to see, touch and try products before purchase, while minimizing stock losses. But they require solutions that are scalable and flexible in order to respond to constantly changing shopper expectations.


RFID has revolutionized retail, but the potential remains untapped

RFID technology has grown in importance over the year. RFID tags are now commonplace as retailers increasingly insist that suppliers place them on packaging. Retailers also understand the potential of using RFID as part of their arsenal against loss prevention by incorporating it into in-store EAS.

Checkpoint Systems has pioneered loss prevention solutions with a portfolio of leading-edge EAS technology capable of protecting products from the point of manufacturer, throughout the supply chain to the checkout.

However, we understand that retailers need different systems for distinct types and size of store across their estate: What works for a hypermarket is unlikely to be suitable for a convenience outlet. A luxury boutique has different needs to mid-market high-street fashion store.

While deploying total state-of-the-art solutions is a major investment, the needs of the store – and its customers, are likely to change drastically over the lifespan of any technology, potentially making it less effective.


An agile, flexible RFID solution developed for retailers now and the future

Checkpoint Systems has a solution. We are working on a fully customizable, modular system that can grow or change with the retailer, allowing it to choose its level of protection performance to suit its needs. This will mark a step-change in RFID as EAS.

Customization has been a buzz word of the retail sector for many years. From customizing garments for shoppers, to store layout and design tailored for a local demographic, retailers understand the power of bespoke.

Our next-level solution will mean retailers will no longer have to buy into an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all system from the outset, but instead will be able to tailor the technology to individual outlets.

This will include the ability to choose the level of deterrence at the store entrance/exit, such as a completely invisible doorway option, plus the ability to add ceiling-mounted readers for large-spaces, or floor-mounted for high shopper visibility.

We also intend to launch technology to help retailers deal with body-shielding, a major industry issue and one that, until now, there was still no solution for – again underlining RFID’s ability to function as powerful EAS.


Taking RFID solutions into a new era

It will give retailers the flexibility they require and represent a seismic shift away from systems that work on day one but are unable to cope with major changes to store layout.

Stores will be able to ‘bolt’ extra features on to their initial investment at any time, making RFID as EAS more attractive as a solution that can grow and flex as the retailer’s business evolves; allowing new elements to be added, without the need to change or alter what is already deployed.


Modular RFID to deliver an even quicker ROI

This ability to install a customizable, modular RFID as EAS solution will offer retailers a cost-effective way to underpin sales to create rapid ROI.

Retail has survived many challenges, emerging stronger than ever before. It can continue to do so, in collaboration with technology vendors, which understand the need to deliver solutions that not only work for the retail environment today, but also well into the future.