Checkpoint Systems – a global leader in retail technology solutions – has today unveiled a radical new sensor addition to their NEO portfolio. The NS40 provides grocery retailers with a discreet but powerful in-lane loss prevention solution. Designed to be installed at the checkout, the NEO-based NS40 antenna features an ultra-slim design, with patented 360 circular array technology along with the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity for easy deployment, with no floor cutting.

Developed to be unobtrusive and effortlessly fit within grocery stores, the NS40 can be tailored for any checkout configuration and thanks to its innovative design, can be mounted against metal without any adverse impact on detection rates.

Secure Bluetooth connectivity provides ease of installation as no floor cutting is required between checkout desks. It also gives retailers the ability to easily reposition and remodel the checkout space, when required, without expensive re-cabling or disruption to services.

The NS40 delivers excellent, high-performance detection, through the use of 360° circular array technology. Located at the end of the checkout, after products are scanned and security labels deactivated, it effectively recognises non-deactivated tags and those being concealed.

With customisable LED light and sound files, the sensor enables alerts to be dealt with efficiently by the checkout operator. This ‘early’ loss prevention alarm helps tackle incidents of non-deactivation promptly, reducing embarrassment for customers and for shoplifting attempts, aids the retailer in the successful recovery of goods before they reach the exit doors.

Available in a brushed steel finish as standard, the NS40 can be painted, powder-coated or vinyl wrapped to match a store’s visual identity. Custom Voice messages and a variety of sounds and coloured LEDs can be created for different alarm events.

Additionally, the connectivity of NEO delivers historic trend data via the SaaS Cloud service, providing retailers with a rich source of activity data to improve shrinkage results and help monitor store performance, while also providing proactive maintenance support, with more than 50% of technical issues resolved remotely.

Simon Edgar, Senior Director of Product Management - Checkpoint Systems, commented: “ The NS40 offers retailers a revolutionary new design for their in-lane EAS systems. Designed specifically for the grocery market, our new NS40 antenna has already been trialled successfully in Spain. Voice of customer feedback was crucial during this project to ensure the end solution exactly matched the use case requirements for in-lane grocery retailers. The design, detection and ease of installation are without doubt market leading.”