Alpha Zone


Protecting high value products in real time

Alpha Zone是一种全新的防损系统,使零售商能够通过监控其位置和移动来实时保护其高损耗商品


Alpha Zone is a new High-Theft System that enables retailers to protect their high value products in real time, by monitoring their position and movement.

This revolutionary display system will also improve customer experience as customers will be able to interact better with the product in an open display environment.

Alpha Zone的优势




Advantages of Alpha Zone

Protects products in real time; 24/7

Flexibility allowing for a broad range of products

Anti-sweep feature allows for more open sell

Quick and easy to install and implement the same day

Compatible with RFID technology

Better customer experience thanks to an open display environment




Alpha Zone应用案例


特许经营店越来越受欢迎。通常,这些零售空间是开放式的,没有实体墙面。这为安装传统的EAS系统造成困扰。相反,Alpha Zone可确保商品始终处于特许经营区内。


一些零售商希望将某些商品限制在商店的特定区域,例如,DIY家居商店中的电动工具。使用Alpha Zone可以让客户拿取并查看商品,但不能从该区域拿走。


临时商店,或者户外销售店,在防损方面面临挑战。Alpha Zone可以确保所有商品都处于距离零售商较近的位置,不会被带离太远。


这些熙熙攘攘的展会里有许多展台区域,里面装满了贵重的设备,但缺乏有效的安全措施来保证它们的安全。有了Alpha Zone,参展商可以给物品设置标签(如演示产品和IT设备),如果有人试图将其从展台上移除,则会收到警示通知。

Practical use cases of Alpha Zone

Shop in Shop.

Concession stores are becoming increasingly popular. Typically these retail spaces are open and don’t have physical walls. This makes installing conventional EAS problematic. Instead, Alpha Zone ensures that products are kept within the concession area.

Restricting products to a set area.

Some retailers wish to keep certain products restricted to a particular area of the store - for example, power tools within a DIY store. Using Alpha Zone allows products to be picked up and inspected by customers, but not taken away from the hardware

Pop-up store/outdoor kiosk.

A temporary store - or one sited outdoors - has challenges for protecting against theft. Alpha Zone can ensure all products are kept close to the retailer and not taken too far away.

Trade Shows.

These bustling halls contain numerous booths filled with valuable equipment but lack effective security measures to keep them safe. With Alpha Zone, exhibitors can tag items (such as demo products and IT equipment) and be notified if anyone tries to remove them from the exhibition stand.

与Alpha Zone相关的常见问题解答




FAQ's related to Alpha Zone

A protected area in the store has a Hub antenna mounted above the area, and products are fitted with either surface tags or cable lock devices. Once a protected product moves out of the display area, the tag will alarm via a built-in audio sounder. If the protected product is taken back into the area, the tag will stop alarming automatically.

A single antenna will typically cover a range of up to 1m to 10m radius from the hub antenna. This can be tuned to cover smaller areas, and hubs can be combined to cover larger areas. Multiple hubs can be used in a store environment.

No, there is no impact on any existing RF/AM or RFID systems used in store.

Yes, you can add more hubs to extend the area of coverage.


Alpha Zone可与其他Alpha高损耗保护产品兼容(如Keepers)。

Seamless integration with other Alpha products

Alpha Zone is compatible with other Alpha product protection devices such as Keepers.