Tagging – for a successful customer journey

Retailers for years have focused their RFID implementation efforts on the hardware and software required to deploy the technology in their business. Many have seen tags and labels as a commodity that are shopped and awarded to the lowest bidder. At Checkpoint, we believe tags and labels are a vital part of a successful RFID journey.

Retailers implementing RFID have begun to learn how important selecting not only the right RFID tag or label, but the right supplier. Checkpoint, being a fully integrated RFID supplier, gives retailers an advantage in their RFID deployment. We design and manufacture our own inlays, convert these into tags and labels, which can be printed and encoded in our global production facilities located close to retailers’ vendors. We combine this with our hardware, software, and client success team to provide innovative solutions.


Expertise is vital

For a retailer who is implementing RFID, it is critical to select a supplier that has expertise in tags and labeling.  The tags and labels enable the connection between the retailer’s product, hardware, and software. Checkpoint engage across every level of an RFID deployment, taking responsibility for the success of the program and dedicating the right expertise and solutions that match the retailer’s needs. Why would a retailer not want to work with someone so heavily invested in all aspects of their RFID deployment?

When determining the best solution it takes a coordinated effort.  The RFID tag should be the best match for the retailer's environment.  Checkpoint Systems is a full-trim supplier with a large RFID portfolio to select from, or we can design an inlay to meet the retailer’s needs.


Inventory management and data tracking

Another critical component of an RFID implementation is the sequential number management and data tracking.  CheckNet™, Checkpoint's On-Line ordering platform, has built-in number management software that will format the required EPC data.  CheckNetTM also provides transparent data tracking and order visibility.  All of this provides the retailers with peace of mind, knowing that their RFID tags and labels will work seamlessly throughout their operation.

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RFID tags represent a massive return on investment.  It is critical to maximize this through a team of experts who have a plan of action and are equally invested in the success of the retailer's RFID journey.

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