RFID im Einzelhandel: Einblicke in die Innovation

Die RFID-Technologie prägt den Einzelhandel in allen Branchen seit Jahrzehnten. Die Technologie ist so einflussreich, dass der weltweite RFID-Markt bis 2026 ein unglaubliches Volumen von 17,4 Milliarden US-Dollar erreichen soll. Aber wie genau setzen diese Einzelhandelsunternehmen RFID ein, und wie entwickeln sich ihre Einsatzstrategien und Ergebnisse jetzt und in Zukunft? Ein wichtiger Bericht der ECR […]

Was ist RFID und wie kann Ihr Einzelhandelsumfeld davon profitieren?

RFID hat die Technologie seit ihren Anfängen Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts revolutioniert, und vielleicht ist eine ihrer größten – und am meisten verändernden – Anwendungen der Einzelhandel.   In unserer modernen digitalen Welt mit dem allgegenwärtigen Druck, das Kundenerlebnis ständig zu verbessern, ist RFID zu einem zentralen Element für die erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Omnichannel-Einzelhandelsstrategien geworden. […]

Sync & Swim

RFID Adoption

  “Coincidence: a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance” The evidence is pretty compelling to support the fact that those retailers that were early to digitise their operations, to adopt RFID for inventory management and to drive that visibility to their consumers are those that are surviving, […]

Breeze U-Code 8

We are pleased to announce the addition of Breeze U8 to our inlay portfolio – a supercharged inlay using NXP’s U-Code 8 silicon to further support all programs that operate under FCC conditions. Breeze U8 continues where the Breeze U7 started, combining fantastic performance with a small footprint, 42mm x 16mm.  The antenna has been […]

Checkpoint Systems has developed a portfolio of RFID TAG solutions for shoes

Leveraging over 50 years of Radio Frequency Technical Expertise, Checkpoint Systems is a vertically integrated RFID solutions company that can provide in-house designed and manufactured RFID inlays through to a complete software solution to provide supply chain visibility of every item at any stage of the process. The combination of our HALO software platform and […]

Leading Label Technology –Checkpoint announces a range of ARC approved Checkpoint labels with Impinj M700 family of ICs

Checkpoint Systems, a vertically integrated supplier of RFID Solutions for retail, is pleased to announce new ARC accreditations on a series of label products which enable retailers around the world to improve their inventory visibility, reduce costs, improve performance and increase their profitability. In April 2020 Checkpoint were the first label manufacturer to launch an […]

Introducing our “Kona” RFID inlay

Intimate apparel  is notorious for being difficult to count in the dreaded end of year audit.  Lots of small garments merchandised close to one another in several different styles and sizes, yet they can all look similar.  The challenge is how to ensure that the counting process is accurate in terms of quantity but also, […]

RFID Steam Testing

When it comes to apparel retailing, wrinkles can have a huge impact on sales. With manufacturers based across the globe, it is no surprise that once a box of merchandise is opened the garments inside can look a little different from the original concept. These creases and folds, no matter how small, have the potential […]

New fully integrated UNO RF/RFID label offers improved performance and sustainability

The new label simultaneously offers retailers the benefits of EAS protection at the store exit and RFID inventory management, when paired with the appropriate hardware and software. Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in source-to-shopper solutions, has launched a new version of its unique UNO RF/RFID label that will enhance supply chain visibility and loss prevention. […]

Discover the latest solutions for your retail challenges at NRF2020

Today’s connected consumer firmly sets the pace for change. Savvy retailers are seeking innovative ways to stay in the race. At NRF 2020, Checkpoint will demonstrate powerful solutions that retailers can explore in solving their ongoing challenges. 09 January 2020 – At NRF 2020, Checkpoint will be unveiling dynamic new industry defining technologies that encompasses […]