The best skill for innovation is listening. And this is what we do with our customers, where one of the main sources of our R&D potential lies. This is how our new NEO NS40 was born, an antenna that arises from our commitment to satisfy our customers' needs.

It is a new device format that is not fixed to the floor but is integrated directly into the checkout line, optimizing space and allowing it to be dedicated to the sales area, as well as for the convenience of consumers.

With an ultra-slim design, it is designed especially for supermarkets and grocery shops. It is a discreet yet deterrent solution for loss prevention at the checkout line. This allows faster action to be taken in the event of theft before the potential offender has approached the checkout area and can easily escape. It enables early identification of theft and thus increases the responsiveness of security personnel.

The NS40 takes protection to another level thanks to its patented 360° technology with multi-directional detection and Bluetooth connectivity. These antennas connect to each other wirelessly, without the need for complex wiring and without disrupting the floors; one of the great advantages of anchoring them in the same enclosure.

As well as improving aesthetics without losing any protection power, wireless connectivity offers greater flexibility in the event of a possible shop refurbishment and also makes installation easier, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

"A recent case in point is that of a hypermarket chain operating in Spain, which has spent an average of 100,000 euros per year on re-installations. Thanks to the NS40 antenna those costs have been drastically reduced."


It is available in an attractive steel finish, but the NS40 can be made even more appealing by customizing with powder coating or vinyls for a more corporate look that matches the visual identity of any store. Its LED lights and audio files can also be configured according to the customer's needs. All to further enhance the aesthetics of this unique antenna.


Connected, discreet, and effective - welcome, NS40!