One of the most at-risk food items protected using a Checkpoint "invisible" label.

Checkpoint Systems, a world leader in providing solutions for product availability in the retail sector, is proud of its collaboration with Madi Ventura, a well-known brand in the market of dried fruit and nuts and dehydrated fruit.

Shelled pine nuts are among Madi Ventura’s flagship products. These are quality products with a high price at the checkout and require adequate protection to limit shrinkage in large-scale retailers. In order to address this challenge, Checkpoint has developed a tailored solution that helps to protect the product without negatively impacting the customer's shopping experience at point of sale.

Small-sized, transparent packaging and made of a material that is difficult to be tampered with, as well as factoring in the product’s nutritional properties, were all aspects studied by Checkpoint during the initial phase of research until arriving at a definitive solution with Madi Ventura that fully meets the retailer needs.


"We have achieved an optimal result that allows us to maintain the efficiency of our production line."

"After a year of research, testing, and working together with Checkpoint, we have achieved an optimal result that allows us to maintain the efficiency of our production line, while simultaneously offering our retailers a product without any kind of aesthetic changes in relation to the original and, at the same time, providing reassurance to the consumer in that the pine nuts have not undergone any kind of organoleptic change and the pack continues to be suitable for contact with food", comments Dr. Giuseppe Calvini, Head of Production.

Madi Ventura's request was to come up with a solution that would not affect their production processes in any way, therefore extensive research was carried out by Checkpoint's source tagging team in order to meet this requirement. Moreover, it was also necessary in this case to adopt a solution that would comply with food certifications. In fact, this type of solution is directly integrated into the packaging. Following a period of testing, a tailored solution was finally found which enables Madi Ventura to operate without having to modify their current production process in any way.

"This solution makes sure the pine nuts are optimally protected, thus enabling large retailers to benefit from a gradual reduction in shrinkage, therefore guaranteeing the continued on-shelf availability of the product", remarks Davide Raduazzo, Labels & Source Tagging Manager Italy at Checkpoint Systems.


Madi Ventura - Italian market leader for dried fruit and nuts (nuts, soft and roasted), offers a complete range of high-quality products, certified according to BRC-IFS standards. We research and select the best fruit and nuts from around the world, where environmental and climatic conditions are ideal for the cultivation of each individual fruit or nut, building partnerships with the best producers in the market. The 12,000 square meter factory comprises selection, roasting, and packaging lines for Ventura-branded and own-brand items of Italy’s main large-scale retail chains. Strict and ongoing checks are the mainstay of the entire production chain, a common thread that binds every stage of processing, starting from the entry of raw materials into the factory, up to the checks carried out by metal detectors to monitor the quality of each packaged product.