Changing Checkouts: Frictionless compatible security at the checkout

The most important interaction is the checkout

Recent years has seen a shift in attitude amongst retailers who now place more emphasis than ever on the customer experience[1].

While the entire customer journey matters, for a retailer perhaps the most important interaction is at the checkout. It's the final direct interaction between a customer and a retailer, and the last thing a customer will remember before leaving.

[1]Trust Pilot, 5 reasons why customer experience is the pulse of every business right now, Mar 2020

Integrating frictionless checkout experiences

Some of our customers – leading retailers around the globe – tell us that shoppers are regularly expressing their frustrations when it comes to the checkout process, particularly in terms of speed[2].

As a result, we are seeing many explore new technologies, that make paying for items faster, easier, and frictionless, with newer checkout methods replacing traditional staffed checkouts[3].

[2] Checkpoint customer research, June 2021 / [3] The Independent, Supermarkets with no tills: will they be the death knell for 200,000 cashier jobs? Apr 2019

What are the options for retailers?

In this report, we will explore the various checkout options open to retailers, the pros and cons of each method, and what security implications you need to consider with each to protect your business.

The report features findings which are gathered from our own Checkpoint customers in the retail sector.

Discover first-hand accounts of the current state of in-store customer experiences and read their opinions on the future of retail checkout technology.

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