Compact but powerful

The EVOLVE N10 antenna, the micro-RF antenna perfect for checkout aisles, staff doorways and as a booster unit for full format antennas.​

  • Flexible installation, either wall or post mounted

  • Can be used as a booster satellite in limited space installations

  • In-built red LED for a visual deterrent

Compact for smaller
entrances and exits

Simple to install
and maintain

Alerts stores to the
use of EAS Jammers

Micro-design at only
30.5 inches tall


N10 (HxWxD):

810mm x 160mm x 56mm (2’66” x 0’52’’ x 0’18”)

N10: 2.1m (6.10')

Maximum detection distance between 2 antennas

Radio Frequency (RF) 7.9 to 8.5MHz
Antenna body: Clear PlexiGlass

Antenna Base: Grey


  • Can be used to prove a booster component to full sized antennas in limited space installations (staff doors etc)

  • Has in built RED LED that can either be permanently lit or flash only on alarm, and inbuilt alarm buzzer

  • Remote Service capable

  • Real-time monitoring via HALO Connected Solutions

  • Antenna can be set in a choice of three planes around 180 degrees 45/90/180

Protection in any environment

The compact design of the EVOLVE™ N10 makes installation possible in even the most confined areas. Whether it be a convenience store, staff room entrance, customer rest rooms or changing rooms, the small footprint and great performance help your stores deter, detect and displace shoplifters.

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