Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in source-to-shopper solutions, has today announced the release of the new UNO EP. The ARC-qualified inlay is approved up to and including levels F and I – which many retailers now demand.


For retailers who have already invested in RFID, UNO EP provides the additional benefit of maximizing both their existing EAS systems for loss prevention, while optimizing their RFID inventory management, in one tag.

The patent pending and fully integrated UNO EP offers the combined benefits of RF EAS for loss prevention and RFID for inventory management. With the two latest RFID chip options available; the Impinj M750 and NXP U8, the UNO EP delivers optimal RFID inventory management and enhanced EAS protection at the store exit when paired with Checkpoint’s hardware and software.


The innovative dual technology RF/RFID label enables retailers to realize the benefits associated with RFID without the expense of replacing their existing loss prevention hardware or tagging procedures. This dual-purpose technology means one label can deliver a range of benefits for retailers, helping to further decrease labor costs and process time.
The UNO EP can be used as a stand-alone inlay or easily converted into sew-in, pocket tags, swing tickets or branded tickets. This provides retailers with an abundance of application choices while protecting a wide range of merchandise types from hanging apparel and boxed electronics to cosmetic and beauty products.


Labels can be applied and encoded at source, for full inventory visibility throughout the supply chain. At store level, the RF (Loss Prevention) component is effectively deactivated as part of the normal checkout process, reducing false alarms. This not only eliminates the time and cost of applying and removing hard tags in-store but allows store associates to improve the customer experience by maintaining the regular checkout process without complications or delays of removing additional tags.


Ivan Gosling, Product Manager RF Consumables, Checkpoint Systems, said:

“We are constantly striving to improve our label designs and deliver maximum performance capabilities for retailers. Significant investment in our R&D facilities, testing laboratories and manufacturing facilities has resulted in the evolution of the UNO to deliver an integrated solution that improves loss prevention and inventory management. Our expertise in label design has helped us to create two high performing dual inlays that are optimized to deliver the benefits of RF EAS and RFID inventory management.”


The new UNO EP inlay is available immediately.

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