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Providing customers with the right product on the shelf when they visit your stores, along with seamless transactions at the point of sale are vital parts of improving in-store customer experience, increasing loyalty, footfall and ultimately sales. Our range of TransACT solutions are easy to install and use, minimizing errors, increasing speed and efficiency. Whether the items are being stocked, sold or returned the TransACT solution set offers flexibility to retailers, ensuring consistent and accurate in-store inventory and faster transactions, improving the customer experience.

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TransACT Scan

Excellent customer experience and optimized sales require accurate inventory. TransACT enables retailers to wirelessly perform regular high speed inventory counts with high degrees of accuracy.

TransACT Encode

Provides a high-speed solution to encode & associate RFID labels and hard tags. As a standalone solution, TransACT Encode requires only a power connection to begin fast and simple encoding without the need to connect to a network.

TransACT Pay

Enabling speedy checkout solutions improves customer experience and decreases the chances of lost sales due to abandonment. The simple POS connectivity options provide standard keyboard emulation allowing integration into existing POS applications.

TransACT Print

Working together with TransACT scan, TransACT Print enables the creation and encoding for unique RFID tags for each product in a store. TransACT can be used in retail stores, distribution and at source of manufacture.

Auto TransACT

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Auto TransACT RTLS

A set of overhead, static mounted antennas that provide real-time inventory and the approximate location of every tagged item in a full retail store or specific zone. Auto TransACT RTLS enables store associates to locate merchandise for customers quickly enhancing the shopping satisfaction.

Auto TransACT Robot

A mobile and autonomous RFID system which performs automatic and accurate inventory counts of a given retail or warehouse space. Auto TransACT Robot increases inventory accuracy, freeing up associates to spend more time with customers. Additionally, the robot records product location for easier identification when needed.

Auto TransACT Shelf and Display

Customized for each individual retailer, Auto TransACT Shelf and Display provide real time inventory and detailed location resolution. Retailers may want to use this solution for high velocity sales items or items requiring more customer interaction and detailed locationing. The solution can also provide real time planograms to determine marketing campaign compliance across geographical locations.

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