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Our range of interactive sensors help customers and staff learn more about specific products, browse recommended items, enhancing the shopper’s satisfaction and therefore increasing sales opportunities for the retailer. Customers are able to see images of all the products they have selected, with detailed information. InterACT screens are available in multiple formats and sizes, suitable for a range of functions.

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is a fully customizable solution based on store and customer requirements


InterACT Table

Designed for smaller and more complex items that benefit from detailed descriptions. The discerning buyer can make informed decisions on products like cosmetics, health & beauty, jewellery and eyewear. Items placed on the table appear on the touch screen for differentiation and complimentary product recommendations

InterACT Mirror

Combines a centralized solution to view products with touch screen capability. Product recognition, recommendation and social sharing options are the heart of InterACT solutions with the ability to call store associates for further assistance. The large display is ideal for eye catching advertising until the next customer approaches to interact.


The core model of the InterACT solution. Available in a variety of sizes from 10” to 46”. The interactive screen provides product information, size, price, availability and recommendations. Combined with social sharing and the ability to request assistance, this solution increases in-store customer engagement.

InterACT Fitting

Specialized overhead RFID sensors register items as they are brought into the fitting room. Touch screens allow users to request alternative sizes and products. Enhancing the consumer experience and increasing sales. The other great positive is this solution acts as a deterrent to potential thieves by automatically identifying items brought into the fitting room.

InterACT Staff App

Using a mobile device, associates are able to assist customers in real-time. Leveraging InterACT’s capabilities on matching accessories, complementary products and alternatives providing a personalised and knowledgeable experience to the customer.

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