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Fresh food solution

Fresh food retailers face important challenges such as waste, liability, labour costs and out of stocks. Huge amounts of produce are thrown away every year due to expiry before sale. Retailers are responsible for protecting consumers. All out of date produce must be located and removed from display. Retailers have labor intensive processes managing product selection, availability and rotation. The inaccuracy and inefficiency of manual processes results, in unnecessary waste, and customer dissatisfaction. Our range of ExtrACT solutions offer significant opportunities to improve the process allowing highest level of accuracy due to automation with minimal investment in infrastructure. Implementations show significant reduction in waste and uplift in sales.

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Front Store

RFID Expire date monitoring

Report & Scan Management

ExtrACT Encode

ExtraACT Report

ExtrACT reporting delivering real-time actionable data to staff Thereby increasing sales and minimizing waste.

ExtrACT Scan

ExtrACT Scan is an intuitive hand held device for in-store staff to use, for quickly counting inventory, comparing to reference stock and locating specific items. ExtrACT Scan works in conjunction with ExtrACT reporting delivering real-time actionable data to staff.


Back Store

RFID Expire date monitoring

Encode & Waste Management

ExtrACT Encode

ExtrACT Encode/Print

ExtrACT Encode is an RFID encoding station for recording product specific information and expiration dates selected by the user. The screen displays information about the product that has been encoded, triggering ExtrACT Print to create a customized RFID label to be placed on the selected product. All the events are registered and stored in the Cloud. The information recorded can then be analyzed for business intelligence purposes.

ExtrACT Waste

The Waste Station uses RFID technology and a touch screen to record fresh product that has expired, removing the product from inventory. The ExtrACT waste also gives the user the opportunity to kill unneeded tags, removing them from the inventory results.

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