RFID NOW - Store Scan

Many leading brands are already source tagging with RFID, so you don’t need to. Reveal the depth of inventory already RFID tagged in your stores today. 

Store Scan from Checkpoint provides insights into your true level of stock accuracy and explores the opportunity to improve your financial performance through the stock that is already RFID tagged.

Incease Sales and Decrease Costs...

The major investment has been made for you, Deploy RFID in your stores and see a return on investment in 90 days.

Unlock your hidden potential...

Most retailers operate with an inventory accuracy of between 65% and 75%. This restricts sales and increases costs, seriously damaging financial performance.

By using Checkpoint’s leading HALO IoT platform, retailers can achieve inventory accuracy greater than 98%. Managing inventory can be done at an amazing speed, allowing actions to be taken to ensure stock is replenished and shelves are always full.


With Store Scan, you choose a store, we scan it and provide you a detailed Evaluation Report, revealing your inventory truth and financial opportunity. 


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