Checkpoint Shield Tag

  • Security tag overlay that helps prevent the removal of the security label in-store by criminals
  • Covers and protects the EAS label with a clear, hard to remove barrier that doesn’t impact product branding
  • Deters both opportunistic theft and ORC

Rise of Organized Retail Crime

0 ...
  • …of US retailers have been targeted by organized retail crime 1
$ 0 bn+
  • Total estimated cost of ORC to US retailers in 2019 2
0 %...
  • …of retail loss prevention executives report that ORC has increased in 2020 3
0 %...
  • …increase in losses due to ORC in 2020 compared to 2015 3

Shield Tag

Your Challenge:

  • Visible tagging with EAS labels provides a great additional deterrent, but makes it easier for thieves to try and remove the labels in-store, bypassing EAS systems at the door
  • Goods have their original labeling removed by thieves before being resold to unsuspecting customers as new

Our Solution:

  • A clear, strong material overlay that covers and protects the EAS label, making it harder to remove the label in-store
  • Aggressive adhesive and die-cut pattern designed to resist attempted removal
  • Can be supplied with plain, black lock logo, or customized EAS labels
  • Slows down the EAS label removal process by up to 10x *

*Checkpoint internal study, 2021 

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