Integrated, Personalized High Theft Solutions

Article by Irene Fernandez, European Product Manager, Checkpoint Systems


Personalization is a term that has been around for many years and Levi Strauss was well ahead of the curve when it began offering custom jeans way back in 1993. Today, we can order a personalized pair of trainers, print our own wallpaper, purchase clothing embroidered with our names or even eat M&Ms that feature our own unique messages.

It’s been fascinating to see how retailers have embraced personalization and the positive impact it has had on almost every facet of a business. And it’s something that will continue for many years to come. Interestingly, we’re now seeing a noticeable trend across the world for integrated and personalized loss prevention solutions, with retailers demanding new ways of working that enable them to meet their business objectives – increased sales and profitability.


Revolutionizing the way retailers perceive loss prevention

The retail industry is always evolving and vendors need to keep pace. We’re more customer focused than we have ever been in our history, which is demonstrated through the diverse range of solutions that we now offer retailers and brands.

As the tactics that dishonest shoppers use evolve, product protection solutions need to follow suit. We recognize this and are in a unique position to provide our customers with personalized solutions that tackle current issues. Working closely with businesses throughout the retail supply chain is enabling us to create some truly unique solutions that reduce shrinkage, while increasing sales and on-shelf availability.

From a loss prevention perspective, 2018 is the year of personalized solutions and we’re excited to be at the heart of this movement. American author B. Joseph Pine II, in an article for the Harvard Business Review, summed it up perfectly by comparing customization to Lego blocks – you can take individual bricks and build anything you want. And that is a principle that we base our business upon.

We take our innovative technologies and create solutions that fit our customers’ requirements – put simply we put our customers first. Whether it’s a solution for alcohol, fashion accessories or printer cartridges that needs to be applied in the DC, at the point of manufacture or even in-store, we build a solution that delivers. It’s the pillar that will keep us as one of the world’s most innovative retail technology businesses for the next 40 years. 


A complete source-to-shopper solution

Traditionally, many stores have used an assortment of tags and labels on a diverse range of merchandise, most of which were designed for an entirely different set of products. Retailers and brands have recognized that in some instances merchandise is being damaged, while in some cases the time consuming nature of attaching hard tags or labels means merchandise is displayed without any security or worse still it sits in the back office. As a result, we are being asked to create new solutions that can protect specific merchandise from theft and increase on-shelf availability.

Our source-to-shopper solutions are enhancing the retail supply chain and by making many of our loss prevention solutions applicable at the point of manufacture or in the DC, retailers and brands can streamline the process of getting merchandise on display and available for sale.

Here are just three ways that our @Source programme is helping retailers:

· Store associates are free to engage with shoppers, rather than spending time attaching loss prevention solutions in-store.

· Improved merchandise availability as following a delivery items simply needs to be moved from the back office to the correct aisle.

· Perhaps most importantly, it also ensure products are always protected from dishonest shoppers.


Creating solutions to specific issues

Personalization allows us to demonstrate how innovative we are as a business. Our R&D team works around the clock with brands and retailers to design and create solutions for different issues. Here are just a few examples that have already delivered exceptional results to our customers

Universal AutoPeg Tag is a solution that we designed for razor blades after conversations with P&G. It snaps quickly and safely on single- or double-hole packaging, providing a visual theft deterrent and enabling store staff to quickly replenish stock.

We worked with a leading sunglasses manufacturers that required a solution to reduce shrinkage, while enhancing the customer experience. The result was the development of Alpha OptiLok™ - a unique hard tag that offers an improved and refined design to enhance the ease and speed of application/removal without any security compromises. Importantly, the potential buyer can put the glasses on without the tag impacting them.

NeedleLok™ protects delicate fabric clothing. A major apparel retailer was experiencing an issue with light and thin fabric garments that were being damaged when pinned security tags were applied in-store. We therefore created a unique solution that allowed store assistants to gently spread fabric threads instead of piercing them, avoiding leaving a visible hole after removal.

Wardrobing cost US retailers $2bn during the 2015 holiday season and numerous stores have come to us asking for help in fighting this pandemic of worn returns. Our response was to create the Shark Tag® which attaches to a garment with a pin in a visible area and is easily removed by the customer at home. The item cannot be returned for a full refund unless the tag is still in place.