Arguing for Investment in EAS – Proving ROI

  Deploying an EAS solution across a large number of stores takes significant financial investment from a retailer, not to mention the investment of time and effort to complete such an extensive rollout. Many grocery retailers operate on increasingly fine margins[1], so will want to have proof that they will receive a sufficient return on […]

The US Grocery Landscape – Sell more, lose less: EAS in Grocery Retail

  The US grocery industry is big business, the total market estimated as being worth $758.5bn in total sales 2021. Market experts estimate that on an average day, 32 million Americans head to a supermarket or grocery store. In this series, Checkpoint aims to dig a bit deeper into the grocery market in the US. […]

Checkpoint Adds Its 50 Years of Experience to DoseID

Leading RFID developer creates unique new, high-performance RFID tag for pharmaceutical manufacturers   Checkpoint Systems, a leading global developer of RFID-based technology systems for inventory management applications, has announced a bold new move into the pharmaceutical sector by joining the ambitious DoseID Consortium. The self-governing, US-based consortium established to unify the industry around an approach […]

Checkpoint Systems announces the acquisition of UNITER

checkpoint systems acquires uniter

July 29, 2021 – Checkpoint & Uniter are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Uniter by Checkpoint Systems.   Uniter was founded in A Coruña, Spain, over 25 years ago by Charly L. Conde. It is a full-service apparel label manufacturer with its own production plants in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey & China. It […]

Choosing an RFID solution provider: What retailers need to know to achieve success

HALO handheld

The Retail Market Place has seen many extreme changes that are setting the path to a “new normal”.   Surviving in the retail world has always asked a lot of retailers, and today it is asking them to profitably grow their omnichannel and better engage with their customers.   Customer experience – adapt to survive Retailers […]

The Value is in the Tags

Retailers focus their RFID implementation efforts on the hardware and software required to deploy the technology rather than the tags- but are they missing out?