How to Get Started with your EAS Implementation

  The final question for any retailer considering implementing an EAS solution to their shoplifting problem is “how do we get started?” Checkpoint recommends conducting a pilot. Testing the solution in a small number of stores, with a small number of carefully selected products can give the retailer useful insights into the potential impact and […]

Deactivation and Detection – EAS in Grocery

  “Security, don’t slow us down” If there is one key area in-store that the addition of any electronic article surveillance deployment cannot impact negatively is the point of sale (POS) operation. This is the critical customer touchpoint in-store and in grocery needs to be fast, effective and error-free. The addition of EAS should be […]

What is Source Tagging and How can it help Retailers? – EAS in Grocery

  An overstretched workforce In an ideal world, a retailer with an EAS solution deployed within its stores would have every single item within their stores tagged with security labels. However, applying these labels is no easy feat. The allocation of additional labor hours for the application of security tags in-store adds significant cost for […]

Avoid the dark side of Black Friday

As the annual shopping phenomenon, Black Friday, fast approaches, retailers are preparing for an influx of traffic at their stores as savvy-shoppers look to capitalise on an abundance of discounted, highly sought-after products. Following a dire 18 month period brought on by the global pandemic, with months of lockdown measures, social-distancing rules, new working regulations, […]

Product Protection – EAS in Grocery

  Organized retail crime (ORC) It’s easy to view shoplifting as an opportunistic crime. Someone sees an opportunity to grab whatever they can before making their getaway. While this may be the case for some shoplifters, like unruly school children in a convenience store, it isn’t a fair representation of the varied criminal landscape that […]

EAS as a loss reduction solution – EAS in Grocery

  EAS, RF, and AM technology Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) has been around for over 40 years in various technology formats, although recently there have been two dominant technologies Acousto Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) at the forefront of the industry. While both technologies share the same loss prevention goals, there is one key […]

The Role of Technology in Loss Prevention – EAS in Grocery

  Deterring theft When it comes to in-store security and protecting products, at Checkpoint we believe that prevention through deterrent is the best strategy. Deterrent strategies will always be more welcome than detection technologies when it comes to trying to displace criminal activities from a store. Ideally, retailers want to avoid dealing with the aftermath […]

Why Steal? The Risk vs. Reward Dynamic – EAS in Grocery

  If a retailer has determined that they have a shrink problem, and that deploying an electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution would generate a positive ROI, the next step would be to deploy. However, at Checkpoint, while we agree that the time is right for that retailer to implement EAS in-store, we strongly recommend a […]

Arguing for Investment in EAS – Proving ROI

  Deploying an EAS solution across a large number of stores takes significant financial investment from a retailer, not to mention the investment of time and effort to complete such an extensive rollout. Many grocery retailers operate on increasingly fine margins[1], so will want to have proof that they will receive a sufficient return on […]