The NEO NS40: Created to revolutionize supermarkets.

The best skill for innovation is listening. And this is what we do with our customers, where one of the main sources of our R&D potential lies. This is how our new NEO NS40 was born, an antenna that arises from our commitment to satisfy our customers’ needs. It is a new device format that […]

Checkpoint expands its feature rich HALO platform with enhanced omnichannel capabilities

HALO handheld

Checkpoint Systems, a vertically integrated solutions provider for retail, has today announced the expansion of its HALO® Internet of Things (IoT) RFID software platform with the release of HALO 12.2.0.   Building on the highly successful software platform, this latest release includes a number of new features that will elevate it further. Not only does […]

Global footprint and nearshoring for labels

ALS World production sites

For some decades, fashion retailers and brands have moved their production overseas to countries that have lower costs and high production capacities in a drive to compete in the fast fashion era. Increasing manufacturing costs in some countries, for example, China, and the need for quicker and quicker lead-times makes the nearshoring strategy a high-value […]

Brand Integrity

RFID ALS Brand in store

Checkpoint understands the importance labels play in developing and maintaining your brand’s integrity, and so we have built consistency and quality control into our processes from the very beginning of each and every development project. From a creative perspective, labels help to reinforce your brand voice. They give brand awareness when set against your competition. […]

Australian Innovation at Coles with NEO

Checkpoint has teamed up with Australian grocery giant Coles to implement the class-leading NEO EAS technology in a highly innovative way. As more retailers move towards higher usage of Self Checkouts (SCO) as part of their shopper payment journey, efforts are being made to ensure this self-service process remains secure from the risks of theft […]

Checkpoint Systems Protects Madi Ventura Pine Nuts

One of the most at-risk food items protected using a Checkpoint “invisible” label.   Checkpoint Systems, a world leader in providing solutions for product availability in the retail sector, is proud of its collaboration with Madi Ventura, a well-known brand in the market of dried fruit and nuts and dehydrated fruit. Shelled pine nuts are […]