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The new generation of shoppers demand more from their in-store experiences. Grocery stores invest to create appealing displays to capture consumers attention; positioning promotions, products and visual signage in an easy to follow flow, encouraging immersive experiences. For grocery stores who have deployed in-lane EAS, the visual impact of multiple antennas in long rows at checkouts can sometimes be unappealing. Checkpoint’s Research and Development team have worked to create an ultra slim, ‘built-in’ invisible solution for the grocery market. The C10’s innovative design makes in-lane checkout EAS systems unobtrusive, while still delivering the full performance that the market has come to expect from the world’s leading supplier of EAS systems.

  • Fitted inside the cash desk
  • Surface mount kit available 
  • "Flat" antenna design
  • Ideally suited for Grocery markets or others with in-lane integration of RF systems 
  • Designed for minimal visual and space/volume impact.

Evolve C10


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