And, with a growing population – forecast to reach roughly 10.9 billion by 2100 – coupled with depleting natural resources, this situation is likely to get worse unless significant changes are made. 

Committing to change

Food waste is an issue that affects us all and is created by every stage of the food chain from agriculture and transportation to the retail outlets where consumers buy their groceries. In fact, of the 931 million tonnes of food waste generated globally in 2019, 13% or 121 million tonnes, came from the retail sector. 

Packaged meat products on a supermarket shelf

How can grocery retailers waste less and sell more?

Supermarkets are under mounting pressure to reduce food waste levels. Typically, retailers have relied on time-intensive, visual inspections to detect the sell-by dates on perishable products and manage replenishment needs, with less than half using an automated system to control inventory levels, but not expiry dates. 

Big problems require bold solutions

Combating food waste with technology

Checkpoint Systems new RFreshID fresh food solution, uses RFID technology to help stores manage and rota the stock efficiently by improving inventory visibility and accurately identifying produce with near or exceeded sell-by-dates 

RFreshID from Checkpoint Systems

  • Enables retailers to precisely plan when replenishments are required
  • Minimising the time required to manually check merchandise by up to 78%*
  • RFreshID enables retailers to receive RFID tagged products from source
  • RFreshID delivers real-time actionable data

Labour Costs Reduction

Out of Stock

Time to start your food waste revolution

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