Point of Sale RFID Solutions

Enabling smarter checkouts

Consumer expectations are rising and it's up to retailers to meet those expectations to provide the best experience possible.

Retailers are beginning to realise the potential of their RFID investment to improve and automate the checkout experience.

  • Providing retailers with more checkout options within their stores

  • Capitalize on existing RFID programmes at point of sale

  • Increased data and anaytics available on purchases and returns made

  • Offer a better customer experience in-store and open up omnichannel possibilities

The future is frictionless

The checkout is the most important part of any customers' journey with your store. It's the last thing they will remember so the experience needs to deliver to their expectations.

Retailers are beginning to realize the potential of RFID within the checkout process to speed-up transactions and provide a frictionless, self-checkout experience.

With our RFID point of sale solutions, you can begin to deliver the expectation of the customer with a seamless checkout experience, whilst also benefiting from increased inventory accuracy through sales data and improving efficiencies for your staff on the shop floor.

Protection from the experts

Retailers are looking to adopt RFID as EAS and get even further benefits from RFID technology in their stores. From tags and labels through to point of exit solutions, you can trust our decades of experience and innovation in loss prevention technologies.

Solutions are available to suit a wide range of stores and industries with many different use cases to suit your needs and objectives.

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