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How to deter shoplifting?

Research into the world of shoplifting and retail crime is clear – tagging products in-store deters shoplifters and reduces theft[1]. With retail theft “surging” in 2020[2], the pressure is on for retailers to step up their efforts to protect their products in-store. 

Removing the blocks to tagging one by one, we believe in equipping retailers with effective solutions for preventing loss of their high-theft merchandise.  

[1]Sidebottom, A., Thornton, A., Tompson, L. et al. A systematic review of tagging as a method to reduce theft in retail environments. Crime Sci6, 7 (2017).

[2] Business Insider, Retailers are facing a $62bn problem that has nothing to do with the pandemic, July 2020


Versatility for efficient protection of goods

When it comes to in-store tagging, there isn’t one solution that fits all. Yet, with the need to protect an ever-increasing range of products, Checkpoint can confidently offer retailers a wide range of label solutions, whether protecting clothing, footwear, cosmetics, medication, food, drink or general merchandise.

What’s more, with Checkpoint’s advanced source tagging and auto-apply options, retailers can reduce the associated labor costs with tagging, ensure tag compliance, and increase sales through on-shelf availability. All this while freeing up store personnel to focus on their priorities in-store.

Effective protection from source to store

At Checkpoint, we pride ourselves on the performance of all our labels and tags. Features of our range include:

Some of the best performing labels on the market

Accurate first-time deactivation – crucial to a fast, frictionless checkout

Even smaller labels for small packaging

Minimized reactivation occurrences

Specialized labels for specialized needs 

By opting for a source tagging solution, our automated label application can help ensure that retailers have the confidence in the ability of the RF label to survive the application process, maximizing the investment and delivering high percentages of live labels in-store, every time.

Download our 2021 labels catalogue to find out more

Working with retailers and packagers alike, our label range is always growing, we create solutions to meet our retail customer needs across many verticals. 

Check out the entire range of labels in our 2021 RF Labels Catalogue.

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