Source Tagging Solutions

Source Tagging Solutions

Partner with the Source Tagging Experts.

With over 25 years experience, Checkpoint has helped retailers, CPG companies and packagers efficiently apply RF EAS labels safely both within and on packing. EAS labels applied upstream minimise cost and maximise brand integrity.

Checkpoint’s Global Source Tagging team can facilitate your EAS labeling needs at the point of manufacture

One of the widest range of EAS labels means we have the right EAS label to meet your application needs.

Checkpoint labels are designed for high speed label application, improving production efficiencies.

Checkpoint labels optimise the performance of retail EAS solutions, increasing sales and reducing theft.

Why Partner With Checkpoint?

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Applying EAS labels at source has a positive impact on a retailers financial performance

Source Tagging - Improve Financial Performance
Source Tagging - Enable Omni-Channel