Convenient and Compact

The C10 offers retailers the ability to create a checkout area that is uncluttered, achieving an open and inviting environment without comprising loss prevention strategies. ​

Designed predominantly for grocery retailers, the ultra-thin, flat RF EAS solution allows for flexible installation, either ‘hidden’ into the checkout desk itself or mounted discreetly onto a wall or onto the checkout desk. ​

  • Ease of integration within checkout desks

  • Zero floor space requirement

  • Reduces the visual noise around the checkout

Flat-panel design
blends into the background

Proactive maintenance
support available

Historic trend data via
SaaS Cloud service

Proven detection for
in-lane checkouts


C10 (HxWxD):

710mm x 460mm x 10mm (28” x 18.1’’ x 0.4”)

C10: 1.8m (6.0')

Maximum detection distance between 2 antennas

Radio Frequency (RF) 7.4 to 8.7MHz
Antenna external cover is white


  • Flat panel, "invisible" RF antenna

  • Can be hidden withing checkout furniture designs or wall-mounted

  • Remote Service capable

  • Real-time monitoring via HALO Connected Solutions


Improved customer experience.
Improved loss prevention

The slim design houses our well respected EVOLVE electronics, with remote service capabilities and data reporting to help improve up-time as Checkpoint’s engineers can continuously monitor the status, enabling issues and trends to be identified in real-time, ensuring your investment is performing efficiently.​

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