Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a predominant solution for retailers wanting to protect their merchandise. For full product protection, retailers can rely on an ample array of solutions from Checkpoint, such as:

Label Solutions.

When combating theft, label solutions can help deter theft on the shelf. With our industry recognized Black Lock logo, visible tagging is an easy way to secure your product in store, in the distribution center, or at point of manufacture. Some of our RF EAS labels, such as our Shield Tag, can damage the packaging due to the aggressiveness of the adhesive. This reduces the products’ street value, making it less desirable to resell. As ORC becomes one of the largest issues regarding in store “shrink” this is a huge value add for retailers. Our label portfolio includes labels that come in all shapes and sizes, practical for every type of packaging, even those with difficult shapes and materials. Tagging your merchandise with RF EAS labels helps alert store employees of when a theft is taking place, as the antennas at the entrance will alarm. This allows them to react in accordance with store policy.

Hardware Solutions.

  • Point of Sale: When customers are ready to checkout, solutions like our deactivation pads help efficiently deactivate labels before they leave the store. This decreases false alarms, so antennas can identify theft. These solutions can be added to traditional checkouts as well as self-checkout systems.

  • Point of Exit: EAS antennas at the point of exit will alarm when a non-deactivated label passes through. Checkpoint’s antenna families come with many different benefits. Our EVOLVE range of antennas have enhanced detection of up to 6ft as well as integrated people counting for monitoring store traffic. Our NEO range of antennas offers easier install through wireless connectivity via WiFi or Bluetooth as well as remote monitoring and maintenance. Both families come in many different designs and sizes, so retailers can find the best fit for their store layout.

Connected Solutions.

Store Operations is a cloud-based platform that consolidates Checkpoint’s hardware and software solutions into a single portal, enabling device control, data collection, reporting and service offerings. All this enables our devices to be more effective in loss prevention as well as trend analysis, while maintaining devices at optimum performance levels to avoid any technical or performance issues.

Alpha High Theft Solutions.

An added form of protection for high-theft merchandise that must be removed at point of sale. This solution can come in many forms, such as Keepers Security Devices, Spider Wraps, Bottle Caps, etc. Each with a specific way of protecting your merchandise while keeping an open display. Multiple products are available in 2 or 3 alarm versions, offering greater levels of protection.

Retailers can find more opportunities when using RFID as EAS allowing them to have visibility on what product is exiting the store without purchase, as RFID technology provides item level data to the store. Having fast, accurate detection of items within your store, and throughout your supply chain, makes understanding your stock levels and locations immediately simpler.

For more information on how our RFID as EAS for loss prevention can benefit your store, follow this link.

A layered security approach provides retailers with peace of mind when managing loss prevention efforts. A combination of these solutions will help businesses protect their merchandise better. Innovation is at the core of Checkpoint’s business, working with retailers to determine what solutions will work for their issues is our main objective.

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