The festive season is still weeks away, but retailers are already stocking up on this year’s anticipated best-sellers ranging from tech to trainers, toys to beauty gadgets. Key to maximising sales is, of course, ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time, and in sufficient quantities to meet the expected uptick in consumer demand that tends to kick in from mid-autumn onwards.

With millions, sometimes billions worth of sales at stake across each category worldwide, it’s vital for stores to use everything at their disposal to protect the in-demand and valuable products at the top of thieves’ hitlists. Many retailers turn to locked cabinets to protect high-value items, but this stops shoppers touching and examining potential purchases, or reading important product information, without having to ask staff for help.

Alpha High Theft Solutions offers a range of leading-edge products designed to protect high-value, high-theft merchandise while still allowing shoppers to experience them before they buy. In fact, products in the Alpha portfolio – from Cablelok® security devices to Mini Needlelok™ Tags and Spider Wrap® security devices, are proven to offer between a 30% to 40% sales recovery without impacting shopper interaction with products.

To best help retailers understand the top-selling categories this coming Christmas and which Alpha products will best protect them, we’ve created this handy guide for you to download and keep.


Technology: The global gaming consoles market alone was valued at US $53.98 billion in 2021, making it a key Christmas gift, and a big hitter for thieves.  To keep consoles, and tech such as earbuds and gaming controllers secure on shelf this year choose Alpha Spider Wraps and Keepers.


Health & Beauty gadgets: The humble hair dryer has evolved. Enter hot brushes, airwraps and styling wands, with technology also playing a much larger part in skincare courtesy of electronic face massagers. In fact, the global beauty gadget market was worth US $51.3bn last year and is still seeing impressive double-digit growth.   Alpha Spider Wrap® security devices are designed to keep this kind of tech secure, while allowing shoppers to pick up packaging to read product features.


Bags and purses: Handbags and accessories are always Christmas list favourites. No wonder then that the global, luxury handbag market was valued at more than US $20.9bn in 2020 and expected to hit more than US $30bn by the end of 2031. Keep bags, purses, and wallets safe with Alpha CableLoks and Bug Tag Snares.


Sneakers and shoes: Don’t let thieves take a share of the US $58bn global sneaker market this Christmas. Instead protect Air Jordans and Yeezys with Alpha OPAL™ and Cablelok® security devices, which allow shoppers to pick up and examine the shoes without risking them hot-footing out of the store with a pair.


Golf Clubs and Sporting Equipment: This category is always a big hitter (literally!) at Christmas. And with sales of golfing equipment alone set to hit nearly US $16bn by 2030, it’s worth protecting your share. Alpha O-tag™ security devices can do just that.


Wine & Liquor: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tipple and that’s what puts it at the top of many thieves’ lists too. With US $470bn worth of sales at stake, it make sense to ensure it’s properly protected. Alpha’s Crystal Guard®, Magna Guard™, and Versa Guard™ security devices are the answer.


Toys: Toys are a bedrock of Christmas gifting with the total, global market worth more than US $100bn every year.  UK department store group John Lewis says Lego will be this year’s most in demand toy in the UK, while Barbie dolls are expected to be another strong contender on the back of recent strong Christmas sales . Protect your biggest sellers with Alpha Spider Wrap® and Bug Tag™security devices.


Perfumes & cosmetics: The pandemic might not be totally behind us, but such is shopper confidence that the worst is over that they’re once again buying perfumes . From affordable stocking fillers to special gifts, perfumes - and cosmetics – make perfect gifts, but can be easy to steal. Secure them with Alpha Collapsible Keepers® and Keepers® security containers.


Don't forget, if you want to learn more about our solutions for protecting your merchandise this Christmas, you can download our free guide, or get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements today.