Ivan Gosling, Checkpoint Systems

Protecting metal from theft using traditional EAS solutions is a tricky issue thanks to the metal goods and packaging absorbing the RF energy emitted by the EAS antennas. Until now this has proved a headache for retailers selling anything from drink cans to drill bits, baby food to cosmetics. Of course, display cabinets are an option for high value items. Or better still innovative anti-theft solutions, such as Spider Wraps and Cableloks that still allow shoppers to pick things up to examine them more closely or read labels.

However, these are not always practical or desirable for high volume products in supermarkets or DIY stores, many of which are particularly vulnerable to opportunistic theft: The British Retail Consortium puts shopper theft at some £663m[1], which of course makes a sizeable dent in retail profits.

However, it’s not only the direct hit to the bottom-line that retailers must consider. Stolen items can lead to more out-of-stocks: Empty shelves and the resulting lack of choice for shoppers can drive them to rival outlets; a percentage of those shoppers are likely to stick with their alternative store. That’s why Checkpoint Systems has launched a game-changing RF Metal™ Label, to protect metallic products from theft.

Featuring Checkpoint’s trademarked Black Lock logo, to create a strong visual deterrent proven to reduce theft, the world-first label is easily applied in-store or at source, while its high-bond adhesive means it can be used on most metallic objects but is difficult to remove. The labels create a strong visual deterrent, while giving retailers peace-of-mind that at-risk products can still be displayed in prime positions without being so vulnerable to theft.

Trials saw the label deliver outstanding results, reducing shrinkage across a range of categories, including canned tuna, baby formula, deodorants, face creams and foil-lined coffee products. In fact, not only did it reduce shrinkage by up to 50% during the trial period with leading US and European retailers over a six-week period, one product line saw reductions of 85%[2].

Another advantage of the new Metal Label is that it can easily be placed so as not to detract from product branding or cover vital product information, while at the same time still offering protection from theft. Metal Label can be paired with other EAS antenna solutions, such as the NP10 antenna that can be widely spaced at entrances and exits that are traditionally more difficult to protect.

We’re increasingly being approached by retailers for advice on how to better protect metal items, while still allowing shoppers to browse and handle products. Metal Label offers a simple but effective solution that can be implemented quickly by store staff, or in partnership with suppliers of vulnerable items.

Checkpoint’s RF Metal Label is available immediately. For further information visit www.checkpointsystems.com/uk/rf-metal


[1] https://brc.org.uk/media/679978/crime-survey-final-report.pdf

[2] Checkpoint Systems’ internal trials. Full statistics available on demand