Intimate apparel is notorious for being difficult to count in the dreaded end of year audit.  Lots of small garments merchandised close to one another in several different styles and sizes, yet they can all look similar.  The challenge is how to ensure that the counting process is accurate in terms of quantity but also, and crucially, by SKU. 

The size of the garments and the materials used create another challenge when it comes to how to apply a tag, and critically how to integrate security and inventory technologies. 

Kona, measuring just 83mm x 9mm, has been specifically designed to work within this challenging apparel category.  Whether the challenge is the use of under-wire within a bra or the lack of material to integrate an inlay, Kona is slim enough to fit most intimate apparel without compromising on performance or impacting the visual merchandising aspect of any store.

The sensitive nature of the intimate apparel and the close proximity to skin also calls for special attention when considering the materials to use for the label.  At Checkpoint we focus on using the softest fabrics possible whilst maintaining the print quality even after washing.  The overall label solution becomes a seamless part of the garment, unnoticeable to the consumer.

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