Whether it’s second-guessing the hobbies and interests of a colleague at work for Secret Santa or choosing an alternative to the staple pair of socks or pack of boxer shorts, consumers are often faced with a dilemma when choosing which gifts to buy over the festive period.

While there is no obvious solution to improving the choice for a standout present, there are ways that retailers can ensure the process is easier for consumers to navigate. One such way is ensuring that merchandise is on display and ready to be purchased.


Getting it right at Christmas

Of course, that’s sometimes easier said than done. Any store owner understands the value of making sure merchandise is on display rather than in the stockroom. The challenge comes from knowing when the time is right to replenish stock or having real-time data that shows how many items remain available.

The majority of shoppers this Christmas will walk into a store with an idea of what they want to purchase. The others will enter a store looking for inspiration. Let’s break down how improved display compliance can help increase sales during the busy holiday period.

The former – shoppers who know what they’re looking for – will make a beeline for a particular area of the store. Whether it’s apparel, speciality food, video games, toys or accessories, they know what they’re looking for. And they know the size they need. They’re primed and ready to make a quick purchase, get it wrapped and under the tree.

If they arrive at the aisle, rack, shelf or table and they can’t find a medium size packet of boxer shorts, they’re going to be frustrated. If the store can stock a dozen XL and small sizes, why can’t they have a medium on display? Imagine having the intelligence to know exactly how many items are left in stock so decisions can be made early to replenish or reorder, to avoid any of these scenarios.

For the impulsive shoppers, imagine them walking into your store. They see your marvellous display. It shows a mannequin dressed in a beautiful dress, stylish overcoat, and luxury accessories. They decide there and then that they will buy that coat in size 10. After locating the right area of the store, they find it is only available in 14+. They’re disappointed, but they ask a store associate if any more stock is available. Sadly, they believe all the stock is on display already. So they start their search again – and the retailer losses out on a sale.


Solving the Christmas headache

These are frustrations that can be avoided through the adoption of new technologies. And that is our gift to you this Christmas - the ability to better understand your inventory movement and improve display compliance across your estate. The present that will help you exceed your sales in the next holiday season: RFID.

In fact, the ever-changing demands of retailers make RFID technology a very attractive proposition all-year round. It not only enables retailers to gain a 360-degree view of their inventory at any given time, but also facilitates improved planning, inventory allocation, in-store inventory visibility, reduction of out-of-stocks and increased sales.

It also has the ability to function as a powerful EAS. Our latest product, SFERO, for instance, is a fully customizable, modular solution that, in addition to accommodating changing store layouts and designs, significantly reduces shrinkage with a detection accuracy, in many cases, greater than 95%.

So, this Christmas try one this simple litmus test. Ask your store managers one question: If a customer comes into your store today will they be able to find what they’re looking for? If they can’t answer, with certainty, that they will, then get in touch with us. Our RFID experts will help you have the best festive period ever!