Checkpoint Systems is Action’s partner in international growth

Checkpoint Systems is Action’s partner in international growth

Appreciation for the security provider’s fast and local approach

Action, Europe’s largest non-food discount retailer, opens more than 200 new shops a year. This rapid pace requires tight logistical planning, which makes partners an important link in the chain’s international growth story. That is why Action has extended its partnership with Checkpoint Systems. This global retail security provider has supported Action in securing its wide range of in-store merchandise without compromising the customer shopping experience for several years now. It does so by using local technicians and by smoothly integrating security and point of sale systems.

Action currently has over 1,800 shops in nine European countries. The shop formula appeals to many consumers and the company has over 10 million customers every week. The retail chain is growing rapidly and has the ambition to expand significantly in the coming years.  Retail security provider Checkpoint Systems plays an important supporting role in this.

We are very happy with the approach used by Checkpoint Systems. They always have a strong local technical team. They speak to our people in their own language, no matter where we open our shops. This allows them to respond just as quickly as our own teams, which helps us to stick to the tight schedule we have when building and opening new shops. It is therefore a logical choice for us to continue our collaboration with Checkpoint Systems.”

Michiel Coolen, Action’s Group Construction Manager, Real Estate


Well-oiled machine in Europe

It is not only Checkpoint Systems’ local technical teams that are important for Action’s rapid growth. Collaboration with other suppliers also helps to ensure that the retailer is able to keep up the high pace of new shops. Checkpoint Systems has close contacts with Pan Oston, Action’s POS supplier, for instance.

“Through our collaboration with POS supplier Pan Oston, we are able to integrate the hardware for item security directly into the cash registers, which means that Action can take the cash registers straight to the new shops and the number of freight transport movements for local residents are reduced when the shops are being set up.”

 Checkpoint Systems

About Action

Action is the fastest growing international non-food discount retailer with over 1,800 shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. Action employs over 60,000 people. In 2020 Action’s turnover was €5.6 billion. Around one-third of the over 6,000 products on sale at Action are part of a fixed range. The other products are variable and change quickly. Action introduces over 150 new products a week. The range consists of 14 product categories: decorative items, DIY, toys & entertainment, stationery & hobbies, multimedia, laundry & cleaning, garden & outdoor, household items, food & drink, personal care, pets, fashion and textiles. Action sells a wide range of top brands and private labels. Action is able to offer very low prices thanks to large-scale and efficient purchasing, optimal distribution and a cost-conscious corporate culture.

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About Checkpoint Systems

A division of CCL Industries, Checkpoint Systems is the only vertically integrated RF/RFID solution provider for retail. With consumer demands accelerating at an extraordinary rate driven by technology, Checkpoint delivers intelligent solutions – bringing clarity and efficiency into the retail environment anytime, anywhere. Through a unique offering of software, hardware, labels, tags and connected cloud-based solutions, Checkpoint optimizes retail operations and efficiencies with real-time intuitive data delivered throughout the supply chain and in-store resulting in improved profitability and an enriched consumer experience. Checkpoint’s intelligent retail solutions are built upon 50 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss prevention solutions, market-leading software, RFID hardware and comprehensive labeling capabilities to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.