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S20 Bamboo

Reinventing traditional antenna


The new generation of shopper’s demand more from their in-store experiences.

Store designers invest heavily to create appealing displays to capture consumers attention; reflecting the brands identity and making the in-store experience as unique as possible. Over the past 50 years EAS gates have traditionally been large, cumbersome and visually unappealing. Even the slimmest profile gates still have the same rectangular design.

Store designs can lead to a sales increase of up to 40%


Checkpoint’s Research and Development team have worked tirelessly to create a fully functioning EAS antenna that breaks this design. The S20, with its unique design layout, reinvents the appearance of EAS antenna while still delivering full performance the market has come to expect from the world’s leading supplier of EAS systems.

Improving customer experience & controlling loss effectively – without compromise.

  • Sleek design
  • Customizable color and print options
  • Real-time data streams
  • Proactive maintenance support from Checkpoint
  • Historic trend data via SaaS Cloud service

Taking design to the next level

For when brand image and customer experience are everything, challenge tradition.

The S20 is available with custom wrap options - from vinyl textures, high-resolution digital prints, matte or gloss finishes - in any color or pattern, as well as 7 LED colors to choose from.

With a 3.5 inch footprint, create beautiful entrances that compliment your store design with custom colors and prints for a clean, minimalistic look.


LED Accent strip across the top of the antenna can be set to permanently on, or on only when in alarm

LED Ambient strip down the side of the S20 adds a powerful visual alert when antenna is in state of alarm.

The worlds smallest, customizable RF EAS antenna.


Wall Mount

The S20 can be mounted to any solid surface, including metal, with its customizable wall bracket.


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