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Driven by consumer demand for convenience, small format stores are becoming increasingly popular world wide.
With some retailers doubling their sales revenue per square foot.

Globally, bigger stores are not necessarily better as they can be farther away and harder to navigate than smaller formats. In a recent study Nielsen found that across all regions globally, smaller stores are outpacing the growth of large stores and taking market share with 25% of FMCG sales and 70% of shopping trips.

Convenience compact

The G40 a condensed RF-based EAS antenna will give your store the protection you need. Suitable for a range of verticals where installation of traditional EAS would prove challenging.

The attractive, slimline acrylic design houses Checkpoint’s well respected EVOLVE electronics, with remote service capabilities and data reporting to help improve up-time as Checkpoint’s engineers can continuously monitor the status, enabling issues and trends to be identified in real-time, ensuring your investment is performing efficiently.


The G40’s super slimline design helps small stores maximize trading space, fitting in hard to protect areas. With a footprint of only 3.1 x 5.1 inches the G40 can be installed in convenience stores, smaller retail outlets or single doorways in larger installations (staff doors etc.)

The antenna is slim yet recognizably EAS, with red LED alarm lights acting as an additional visual deterrent.



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