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Checkpoint Systems’ S20 reinvents traditional EAS antenna

A global leader in source to shopper solutions, Checkpoint Systems has unveiled the world’s most compact full performance, customizable, RF EAS antenna – the S20.


Retailers are dramatically ramping up investment in store design to improve the overall consumer experience and with store designs leading to a potential sales increase of up to 40%*, there is a justifiable return. With 50 years’ experience, Checkpoint Systems are collaborating with retailers and brands to align EAS antennae with these new store concepts. By reconfiguring the electronics used in EAS, Checkpoint has blown open design possibilities, meaning retailers no longer have to compromise on the EAS antenna at the entrance and the overall store design vision.


This new generation of EAS antenna is designed for retailers whose brand image and customer experience are everything. For the first time in the history of EAS antenna, the unique configuration of the S20 allows the traditional ‘gate’ look to be replaced with a visually appealing, elegant, sleek design.


By introducing this pioneering technology, Checkpoint has actively changed the dynamic, helping retailers balance loss prevention with aesthetics.


Taking design to the next level

Over and above its revolutionary sleek design, the S20 can be completed with custom finishes, textures and graphics to offer a wide choice of visual appearances. High impact LEDs deliver eye-catching accents to any store entrance and are available in a range of colors to complement brand identity.


Striking design with full functionality

The S20 is ideal for apparel retailers looking to attract customers into their stores, maximize trading space and keep store entrances clear, the S20 can be free standing, wall or door mounted and works directly against metal. Remote service capabilities and data reporting help to improve up-time as Checkpoint’s engineers can continuously monitor the status, enabling issues and trends to be identified in real-time, ensuring the investment is performing efficiently. 


Simon Edgar, Senior Director of Product Management, EAS Systems at Checkpoint Systems, commented:

“There is not a lot that is ‘traditional’ about retail today. All physical stores face challenges to attract and retain customers and, in these new environments, ‘traditional’ doesn’t fit. We have opened the door to a new generation of EAS antenna for retailers wanting to balance protection with design, to fit the overall vision of their brand and store concept.


“The S20 is truly unique and offers apparel stores the excellent detection that they require, in a design that is sleek and elegant, with customizable options also available. Our striking new antenna design offers a beautiful profile and great performance, enhancing store aesthetics, improving the customer experience and controlling loss effectively – without compromise.”


The S20 is available immediately.



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