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Ahorramas chooses Checkpoint to prevent shrinkage

New intelligent protection systems in its 250+ stores and 1,610 checkouts


Ahorramas has chosen Checkpoint Systems to install a latest-generation comprehensive item protection system with high detection capacity in all its supermarkets.

The solutions include Checkpoint’s G35 and N10 anti-theft antennas, which, in addition to their great precision and aesthetics, are capable of detecting frequency inhibitors, a widespread practice among organised crime gangs.

The agreement between Ahorramas and Checkpoint also includes remote maintenance of all the systems implemented, which includes online, proactive and real time monitoring, with live tracking by Checkpoint’s support team, capable of monitoring and responding to any alarm in any store from its Alarm Reception Centre (ARC).

Supermarket chain employees can also monitor the systems through a smartphone application and receive alerts immediately in case of any eventuality.

With these eco-rated Checkpoint solutions, Ahorramas is betting on energy savings in all its stores.

The agreement also includes a programme of training and auditing anti-theft systems, and the development of a project for labelling at source together with Checkpoint, through which some items will progressively arrive in stores from the factory already labelled and protected.

Finally, Ahorramas has anti-theft labels and different solutions from Checkpoint's Alpha Theft Solutions division, for maximum protection of those products most likely to be stolen.

David Pérez del Pino, general manager of Checkpoint Systems in Spain and Portugal said: "Our anti-theft solutions aim to optimise the availability of merchandise in retail stores.  We are convinced that the innovations incorporated by Ahorramas will help reinforce the excellent shopping experience at the chain's stores."

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