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What exactly is Client Success and why is it important? Research shows the most common reasons retailers do not deploy RFID after a pilot have nothing to do with the technology itself or the software that powers it. Instead, according to 2018 research from Bill McBeath*, it is due to a lack of a well-defined use case, along with missing executive support and competing business priorities.

In this report we look at how retailers are finding their route to RFID success through building a focused set of KPI’s, that clearly prove a business case tailored for them.

*1 McBeath, The ROI for RFID technology in retail, Feb 2018

Retailers and brands are learning that to thrive in today’s digital world, they need to perform tasks more efficiently, and accurately with the same or even fewer resources than before.

In this report, you will learn:

  • What's involved in an RFID deployment

  • The steps to delivering ROI with store scanning

  • How to leverage your relationship with Checkpoint to achieve success

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Ultimately success is not about the technology, but understanding what to do with the new data, capabilities, and insights

Bill McBeath
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