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Improving in-store customer experience

Whilst retailers traditionally focus on detection alone, other key performance measures such as Deactivation & Reactivation which affect the store environment, shopper experience and overall ROI are also essential to improving the in-store customer experience. As the world leader in quality RF labels, Checkpoint label manufacturing sites develop and adapt innovative solutions for today’s retailers – our R&D and production teams deliver best in class results in the following:

Increased detection

With the need to protect a wider variety of products increasing, the development of smaller labels with the ability to offer similar detection to that of the standard labels has become a priority to retailers.

Checkpoint’s 4x4 labels achieve the most consistent levels of detection and our micro labels are the best performing in their class. These smaller and more powerful labels take up less visible space on product packaging, ensuring that branding is not obstructed and important consumer information is displayed.

Improving the checkout process

A fast checkout and accurate first time deactivation is crucial to minimise the number of unnecessary false alarms at store exit, improving customer satisfaction. Our labels are easily deactivated at point of check-out enabling staff to confidently and consistently deactivate RF labels quickly, delivering faster checkout speeds. Inconsistencies leads to embarrassed shoppers, decrease in alarm compliance – negatively impacting their investment in their Loss Prevention solutions.

Minimising reactivation

There are two different forms of reactivation, static and dynamic. The former means labels spontaneously reactivate, while the latter is seen when labels reactivate when product is moved (like bottles rattling in a trolley). Lower rates improve the shopper experience and minimise unnecessary alarms. Checkpoint RF labels have the lowest reactivation rates in the industry across static testing.

Ensuring successful source tagging

For those Retailers or Vendors that have implemented a source tagging programme involving automated label application, confidence in the ability of the RF label to survive the application process is critical in ensuring the investment delivers the highest percentage of live labels in store, every time.

Recent testing revealed up to 10% of labels are ‘killed’ during the application process due to Electro Static Discharge – in addition to non-functioning labels found on delivered rolls. In the same test 0% of Checkpoint’s labels were ‘killed’ during the application process.

Adding value to a retailer’s operations

Checkpoint’s labels maximise in-store efficiencies and the return on investment. Shrink is on the increase across most regions and verticals, though average spend on Loss Prevention is down. For this reason, it is even more important for retailers to ensure that they are getting the best value for money. Checkpoint’s labels add significant value to a retailer’s operations, by enhancing the in store experience, improving operational efficiency in addition to reducing shrink by ensuring class leading label performance.

View our range of ...

RF labels for apparel
rf food safe labels for grocery
RF labels for health and beauty
RF labels for general merchandise
Visibly secure rf labels with black lock logo
Anti-static rf labels designed to be auto applied at source


Our range of RF labels for apparel is diverse to meet your requirements. Whether you want visible labels for clothing, or integrated solutions for shoes – we work with clothing manufacturers and retailers around the world to ensure the best and most innovative solutions are developed to meet your needs

P2S LABELS (3610/2815/710)


Our RF label range for grocery are both food and microwave safe with ISEGA certifications safeguarding consumers and retailers alike. Working with food manufacturers and grocery retailers, we adapt our solutions to be integrated in packaging @source as well as hand applied in store

Deli - 7310


Our RF labels for cosmetics are designed to suit a range of packaging shapes and sizes. The visible circuit acts as an effective deterrent, while the clear label ensures barcodes and other key product information are not obscured.

2410 Micro pst

Auto apply @Source

Our auto apply labels are designed to be applied at high speed at point of manufacture. Protected with our anti-static charge design, items arrive in store already protected with live RF labels. Our range of RF labels for beers wines and spirits are designed to either be hand applied in store or auto applied at source.

710 BIL
2933 Black Lock

Visual Deterrent

Our Trademarked “Black Lock” logo was developed through independent research. With a view of prevention rather than apprehension, the combination of a black lock symbol and sound waves proved to be the most effective visual deterrent. Since launching the introduction of this label to certain lines has proven to reduce shrink up to 50%


General merchandise

Our range of RF labels for general merchandise can be applied at source or at store. As with our other labels manufactured by Checkpoint, you can be sure that you are getting the best performing label on the market.

2933 Black Lock
410 HA

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