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Checkpoint launches innovative new anti-theft solution for the global apparel market

Traditionally, many stores have used an assortment of tags and labels on a diverse range of merchandise, most of which were designed for an entirely different set of products. As a result, many apparel retailers have recognised that in some instances merchandise and textiles are being damaged. Checkpoint Systems, a leading supplier of source-to-shopper solutions, has therefore developed an innovative new anti-theft solution to meet their specific requirements – Mini NeedleLok.


Suitable for many types of apparel merchandise

Designed to protect all types of garments, including very thin fabric, the one-piece solution deters thieves while preventing damage that would usually occur on application of pinned security tags. Whilst other products on the market feature a hinged mechanism which can snag and rip textiles, Mini NeedleLok uses a needle in place of a separate pin, which separates the fibres rather than breaking through them. This allows store assistants to gently spread fabric threads on application to avoid leaving a visible hole after removal.


Easy application

In order to reduce time spent on in-store tagging labour, the Mini NeedleLok mechanical design allows quick and easy application, whilst the solution’s wide opening also allows freedom of placement anywhere on the garment.


The Mini NeedleLok also speeds up the self-checkout process. It can be removed quickly and efficiently at the point-of-sale, thanks to its single-piece design and wide opening, enabling store associates to assist with other enquiries, improving the in-store customer experience. It also eliminates the risk of damage to the merchandise, or injury to the customer, as the needle is never exposed.


Not only that, with 70% of purchase decisions made at the shelf, Mini NeedleLok has been designed with display in mind. Its sleek look and smart black colour ensures it doesn’t impede on the garment’s aesthetics in order to help turn a browser to a buyer. For those retailers wishing to take their visual merchandising a step further, the solution can also be customised, from adding a logo to a bespoke colourway that matches the company’s branding.


Irene Fernandez, Product Management Europe at Checkpoint Systems, commented:

 “We’re more customer focused than we have ever been in our history, which is demonstrated through the diverse range of solutions that we now offer retailers across a variety of markets. With the Mini NeedleLok, we took our existing technologies and created a product that fits our apparel customers’ requirements - an effective anti-theft solution that protects merchandise, with the added benefit of being customisable. This is ideal for fashion brands where aesthetic is crucial to their identity.”


NeedleLok is available immediately.

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