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Finiper Group partners with Checkpoint Systems for strategic and cutting-edge retail management

Iper, La grande i represents one of the most important companies in the panorama of large-scale hypermarket retailers, and is among the few which is entirely Italian owned.


The Challenge

Iper’s request was to be able to make use of a more up to date and more connected security system (EAS) with the introduction of immediate reporting to store security in the event of theft or tampering of goods. This would enable them to overview what is happening in their stores in a better way.

"Initially, we were asked to improve and upgrade the system and technology that was in place at the level of article surveillance systems (EAS). Along the way, we proposed a more complex and scalable system of solutions that was more integrated and customized and which was in line with our cutting-edge technology," said Davide Giunta, Key Account Manager at Checkpoint.


The Checkpoint Systems solution

The "Connectivity" project, arising from the partnership between Iper and Checkpoint Systems, involves an integrated, personalized and cutting-edge technological solution that improves the security of the Group’s stores.

At the heart of the solution is Checkpoint’s EVOLVE-Store platform that makes data available on an App from all devices installed at the store, therefore making each device part of an interconnected and remotely manageable system. For example, a Panic Button has been installed in sensitive areas such as the checkout points which informs security personnel directly via tablet or smartphone, providing a more efficient interaction between hypermarket staff and the security systems, thereby shortening intervention times.

With a view to a complementary security and marketing strategy, Iper decided to implement the software applications Smart Analytics and Smart Counter. The first collects and analyzes historical data from the installed security systems; the second detects entry flows and provides security indications and statistical data on customer traffic in relation to sales.

Having been successfully tested at the Savignano sul Rubicone outlet, Checkpoint Systems’ solutions are to be integrated into all 27 Iper stores by end of 2018, with the intention of also activating data analysis technologies that are capable, amongst other things, of providing Security Management with quantitative and statistical data for ongoing strategic purposes.


The results

Speaking on the added value of technologies which collect sensor-related insights and the growth potential of the global business, Claudio Rapizza, director of the hypermarket at Savignano sul Rubicone, says: "The visitor-counting solution also allows us to know the conversion rate between customers and turnover, and the precise relationship linked not only to the sales receipt but also to the actual presence of people."

The project "Connectivity" is characterized by the reduction of inventory differences and guaranteeing open access to free sale products.

The Checkpoint project has contributed to:

  1. Collecting data for targeted actions towards reducing inventory differences
  2. Guaranteeing open access to products
  3. Increasing product accessibility to boost sales
  4. Direct communication between checkout staff and security
  5. Shortening intervention and resolution times
  6. Each device is part of an interconnected and remotely manageable system
  7. No store-staff responsibility for checking the system

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