Real-Time Thermal Imaging

Checkpoint’s SmartTemperature solution delivers reliable alerts to high body temperature readings. The temperature measurement sensors utilise the world’s leading imaging technology and intelligent analysis algorithms, for fast and accurate readings. Utilising AI, users can identify live, with visual indication, the temperature of those around them up to 3m away. SmartTemperature takes only the temperature on the face, minimising false reads and respects the privacy of the individual.

"The unit looks good, easy to use, very accurate, and provides a comfort to our clients and staff, as they know it helps to ensure that people with an elevated tempera-ture are properly screened before entering the building. I would highly recommend this unit as it provides peace of mind."
Caitlin Bovee
Studio Director, Pilates in Guelph

Users can define a temperature threshold, if this is reached or exceeded by an individual an alert is sent to the user in real-time via tablet or desktop. The wall and ceiling mount sensors are also equipped to emit an audio and visual alert.

High Performance Read < 1 SEC
Accuracy up to -/+ 0.3°C
Track 10 People at 3m
A.I. facial Temperature Measurement
Real-time Detection & Alerts

Connected Solution: With real-time visibility of temperature levels SmartTemperature helps Managers make decisions with live data. Trend analysis in Checkpoint’s HALO cloud helps Regional Managers analyse daily/weekly number of alerts across all locations, monitor compliance and amend threshold limits if required.

Checkpoint’s global network of Field Service Technicians are backed by Project Managers and Installation Planners, to ensure complete support at point of installation. Our Cloud based remote service enables our team to monitor the sensors installed in your environment.

For stores with high shrink rates, the solution can help managers deploy staff efficiently, combating risk and deterring theft more effectively.