The ultra slim NS40 offers retailers an ingenious in-lane EAS solution with an unobtrusive, attractive design. Powered by our NEO electronics platform, the NS40 delivers industry first secure wireless connectivity, with no floor cutting or expensive re-cabling required, making installations quicker, easier and less disruptive.

Minimal Visual

  • Designed for discreet in-lane Checkout operations
  • Slimline design, maximises customer access to packing area


  • Wireless connectivity between antennas
  • Allows for rapid and easy checkout remodelling saving cost and reducing disruption

Excellent All Around Detection

  • 360 degree detection ensure excellent loss prevention
  • Design ensures best practice in EAS deactivation/alarm compliance

Customer Friendly Alarm handling

  • Any alarm situation is handled at the checkout location
  • Promotes excellent loss prevention with minimal customer embarrassment or conflict