Checkpoint's NEO the best in class for retailers

Checkpoint’s Best in Class, revolutionary technology that drives exceptional detection performance, ease of installation and integrated wireless connectivity – setting new standards for the industry housed in award winning designs to exceed retailer expectations.

  • Enhanced detection capabilities. Detect security tags more accurately from further away.

  • Award winning design allows NEO antenna to seamless fit in with your store design.

  • Wireless connectivity reduces and in some cases completely removes the need for extensive cabling getting in your customers' way.

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Checkpoint’s NEO range of antenna. With its unique range of features and compelling list of benefits, the NEO range truly is an antenna for the future.

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Always aware

NEO connects directly to store networks, mobile and the Checkpoint cloud platform with no middleware, allowing continuous and seamless data gathering.

With its 24/7 real-time self-health check, any issues are picked up immediately.

Always sleek

Compact and slimmer with the scope to support more technology without changing the aesthetics of the antenna frame.

Our Award winning contemporary design together with market leading powerful performance delivers style and performance without compromise.

Always ready

Our NEO NP range can be put into sleep mode instead of turning it off – waking up by itself when you are ready to start your day. Other systems use between 50-70% more power than Checkpoint’s NEO solutions.

So our promise is that we will cost you less to keep the lights on.

NEO RF / RFID Range. NP10 NP20
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