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For nearly 50 years Checkpoint Systems has been at the forefront of store inventory Control solutions. From the first RF based Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system invented, by Checkpoint back in 1968, we take pride in innovation and working closely with retailers to ascertain their issues and find solutions to help them not only increase sales and improve the customer experience but also to create an environment that organically deters theft. With the rapidly changing retail environment and changing demands of consumers, retailers need dynamic solutions which are easy to install and use. Connectivity and business intelligence are key to recognizing, and adapting to, shifts in consumer behavior and identifying potential to improve internal processes. Checkpoint offers innovative hardware and software throughout the supply chain to help retailers learn, adapt and succeed.

New generation of intelligent retail solutions that will help stores transform their data into actionable intelligence that can inform strategic and tactical business decisions. Reduce shrinkage, minimize out of stock scenarios and increase sales.

Key solutions for today’s retail challenges:

Loss Prevention - Shrink Reduction

IOT & Customer Experience

Supply Chain Inventory Management

Loss Prevention - Shrink Reduction

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RF Labels

Alpha High Theft Solutions

IOT & Customer Experience



Counter & Analytics

Supply Chain Inventory Management

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